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words by yourself

27 May, 2023

I am working on a word-finder game.

It currently looks like this:

I'm looking to merge it with mushroom game
The game would mainly be this word finder game, but you'll be able to walk around a world and interact with things
I actually want the game to have everything, as any game developer would feel when making their game
But because I've grounded the game in "it's just a word finder game" I won't feel too bad about other parts being shabby

The word finder at the moment works like this:

  • Set up randomized grid
  • Pick out a word from the dictionary
  • For each word, go through each letter, where:
    • Pick out a random coordinate
    • Attempt to assign the letter
    • If it works, then mark the letter as assigned
    • If it that coord is taken already, pick another that's adjacent
    • Try this 5 times, if it fails 5 times then abort the entire word, marking previous letters as unassigned
  • Do this for 10 words

This does work as a start, but there are some issues:

  • Random words means many words unheard of
  • Random words means many words which are higher in length
  • Random placement means lots of obscure position combinations hard to see with a human eye

Maybe I'm just underestimating people's intelligence. Either way the board has many unintended words, so it should be ok

An example of the issues is below:

The word is "Atechnic". The letters are very well jumbled in an "unnatural" way

It'll probably be fine.

A change which should be put in if for the preset words to be of certain lengths instead of being true random.
Something like 4 4-letter words, 6 5-letter words, and so on

Making something interactive is nice when you can use it early on yourself
Which is harder for the standard adventure/combat games, because there's too many pieces to make it feel fun or complete
But with small game like a word finding game, you can play it right away
I'm already finding myself wanting to open the game just to play it

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

4 May, 2023

Finished reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra today

One of the worst books I have read

The best description I can give regarding this book, is that it is Siddhartha, except you cannot make sense of it because you are trying to think in a dream and you are also frequently throwing up

It is that book, but a fan-fic version, where he self-inserts himself as the main character,
and they cannot stop obsessing over their superiority over others.

Here is a quote from the book which relieves you some pain by amusing you with its hypocrisy

they all muddy their water to make it seem deep

Update: Johan said it's because I don't appreciate poetry. This is probably true.

some drawings

3 May, 2023

New page out today

Could have put the images in other pages, but it didn't feel right

Initially I thought the pages were categorized by the type of drawings they were,
but more times than not,
they're actually categorized by a certain timeframe and the feelings associated with it

So putting them into existing pages felt like mixing paints to make a brown grey

Here are some highlights from the big picture on there




25 April, 2023

Recently finished a crochet of a sunflower

It's intended to be hung on a wall

It is about 50cm long

A close-up:

The back:

The leaves were made usig the template mentioned before from a book,

and the flower petals were made in the same way, but stopped after halfway for a rounder look.

The center and back are magic circles


Quite pleased with  how it turned out.

WIP picture:




dream thick

2 April, 2023

Happy April

Spring is here and the flower trees are balding

Recent activities

Manga: Saikyou_Densetsu_Kurosawa
Maybe it's bad to put so much weight on the meta when deciding whether I like something or not, but it's impossible to ignore it in Kurosawa.
Kurosawa is about an unattractive single 44 year old man striving for Greatness.
No manga artist bother trying for stories like that because it's not a formula that finds much success,
so when you see someone dedicate themselves to it, you know that their vocation is fueled by an inner assertive force, and not a fear.
Even outside that aspect, it's great writing anyway, and is not too long of a read. 10/10.

Game: Fighting Games
Have been beating my brain into learning fighting games.
It has been fun
GG:AC - Faust spamming door
SF3 - Ryu/Akuma just being a goof

Finished one today. Full size is on the updated watercolors page



Adept Trout

24 March, 2023

Recently I came across an experience I didn't intend for,
it was "to do something before anyone else".

Though the subject matter may be silly - video games - I think the experience itself isn't dependent on what the actual "thing" is.

Almost at all times, everything you do has been attempted before, and has been documented.
You may plan to program something, to read something, to watch something, to go somewhere.
Someone has already published how to do it; we know that it can be done.

When I played Bleak Faith on release I enjoyed that everything was in the unknown.
The game was so janky that I didn't even know it could be completed, but that made it more fun.
There was no help out there, no one else to assist you. Just you and this world.

As such, any information you put out there is the first that peple can access.
And that was the fun part. Knowing whatever you put out there is the only of its kind at that time, having people ask questions, and people finding what you made to be useful.
It's an experience I would want everyone to have at least once in their life
because I feel some of the disdain many have now is from feeling obsolete and just a repeat of the millions before them.

Having said that, I don't know how to intentionally experience it.
You could read or watch things no one has before, but that's going to be going through a lot of low-quality content.
I kind of like the consumption of video games for this because the bar can be really low for that and still be fun.
But maybe that speaks more towards my lack of standards.

Below is my favorite recording of Bleak Faith.

Bleak Faith

12 March, 2023

Back in 2019, my favorite video was published.
It was for a video game probably still in concept stage.

Some time after in future trailers it was made clear they went in a mostly different direction,
and that game came out yesterday.

Since it was only $30 I decided to get it. Mostly as a thanks for the beautiful video experience.

The game is endearingly janky, with still a beautiful visual style.
You can feel the blood, sweat and tears in this game.
Not to mention the amount of self-control which would have been required to actually decide a game is finished,
instead of continuing to work on for some 7 more years where you have rewritten everything thrice.

Some great reasons to get the game:

  • The themes are completely confused in a very fun way: Medieval fantasy, cyberpunk, communist suburban, lovecraftian horror
  • Their launch trailer shows a few frames with the Windows Activation warning on it
  • There is a dedicated ragdoll button which allows you to fling yourself in the air
  • Armor and monster models are high quality and have this fresh feeling to it compared to what we're used to seeing
  • Optimisation is insanely good. This PC is only 1050 and it runs fine on higher settings
  • You can climb on anything to all the places you're not supposed to be, until you fall out of the map

The game is very unpolished and will kill you many times on a whim but that's life

The only thing I didn't like was that the skills used AI generated art for its icons:

Didn't think I cared much for AI art but seeing it actually used in a commercial game felt a little sad.
They took it out 2 days later but I still think it's interesting to show when some developers integrated it to their product.

Here's my medieval knight, with a powerline in the background.

The game has giants-killing, where you get to climb them and repeatedly stab them while avoiding their grabs.

Sometimes mob models are bugged and don't aggro, but this means you can take cool screenshots of them.

Wormlord. All he does is ragdoll me in the air so I don't know how to kill him. He's huge.

The game makes no sense but the surprises are what I like about it.

Here's a video I took showing one of the fun surprises.
I don't know if it's intentional judging by the camerawork but it just grabs you right into the air and kills you.



Realm $

26 February, 2023


July this year will mark the 10th anniversary of this site going online.
Hopefully by then, the archive of items will be complete.
It is currently 70% complete, with 35 items.

Below are some recent findings.


Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022)

This was an amazing movie I got to enjoy with some friends.
They had already watched it at least three times each.
The writing, considering when it was written, feels pretty courageous, which felt refreshing.
It's a highly skilled piece of work that goes over a high range of emotions and lives.
It is now in my top 3 movies.

Board Game


I'm not very experienced with board games;
I mainly enjoy word-related board games, where I am highly competitive, as I am with everything else in life.
Recently had the change to learn Wingspan though, which is mostly a PvE-atmosphere game where you try to score more than other players.
It is well though-out, with players being able to feel free to choose how complex they want their game to be,
and high replayability from the game having 200+ unique birds with various abilities.
The quality of materials is high, with textured cards having cool bird illustrations.
I'd buy it if I had real life friends.

Web Game

Gaia Online

I checked to see if my 2007 Gaia account  was still active.
And it was.
I hadn't retained much knowledge on the game, but what I can recognize is that they just haven't changed at all.
They still have the Flash components of the site active, where you're told to install an old version of Waterfox browser in order to play with Flash.
The site still has the cosy 2000s feeling.

Have a nice day.


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