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maplestory (legion 1661 soon 2 b more)
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descriptions of other web projects I'm working on


A coding portfolio of personal projects felt necessary if I wanted to get an IT job. A job was acquired 2 projects in. Hobby programming was resumed 2 years into the full-time job. Showcases my love for PHP and my hate for video game development.

LIFE-CHANGING Inspiration:

  • Pentacom: First software website that I heavily, heavily admired. Taught me that having a ton of projects makes you look freaking awesome.
  • yearofmoo: Was a cute European site which mixed original illustrations with coding guides. Taught me that coding matters are allowed to be cute.


I love drawing! I hate drawing! I draw emotionally so I usually only draw when I am very happy or very sad. My art style is "refuses to use references and refuses to train". My favorite subjects are girls with pointy ears and messy hair, and hands.

LIFE-CHANGING Inspiration:

  • DKA-Hero: Big inspiration when it came to putting drawings on the web. There's a lonely atmosphere that I found comfort in.
  • Zac Gorman: Favorite illustrator, learned a lot of techniques from him such as a noisy brush, linework, shading.

faker's dozen (this website!)

Good answer: A series of explanations of the thought process involved wth the progression of each project. Bad answer: Additional stress relief alongside drawing.

LIFE-CHANGING Inspiration:

  • Nadia Esra: From ~2013, a Dutch blogger I enjoyed keeping up with. Also the reason why I would grow out my hair.
  • Flip Flop Flyin': Great collection of personal works along with a blog. Found this much later on in life which gave me an encouraging push.

teppy's layouts & sozai

Around 2006 - 2009 there were a lot of women making sozai (web material) websites for each other. It was later killed by social media. I made this site to fulfil my desire to create useless little graphics, and to create old-web HTML layouts.

LIFE-CHANGING Inspiration:

  • CANNELLE: Site I liked as a child. Click on "YOU" and then "web materials"
  • HOTCHOCO: A deep site full of sozai content. Click on "material" then the poop GIF