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25 May, 2016

It is the middle of May and coin-the-team has been mostly finished.

It's a specialized site I made for a gaming group. It has a blog and a teams/members list, editable by its admin users.

Trying to get into the habit of committing code at least 5 times a week.

Thought I would take a screenshot of the current GitHub punch card since my previous burst of commits is about to be shoved off.

2016 Project Plans

11 March, 2016

Project plan for 2016 has changed to the following:

LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)
CMS using Laravel as the PHP framework

MEAN (MongoDB Express AngularJS NodeJS)
Card game (?)

WISA (Windows Server IIS SQL ASP.NET)
Portfolio for photos or artwork

Black Desert

8 March, 2016

Been playing Black Desert
A Korean MMO; a game similar to ArcheAge

It has nice graphics and game mechanics - worker system, knowledge system, contribution/location node system.

Below are some screenshots I took while leveling my Wizard in Edan.

Coin The Guild III

3 January, 2016

Completed Coin The Guild

Source Code

  • Home page shows blog and latest events and threads
  • Forum page has standard forum
  • Events page can have scheduled repeated events posted to
  • Members page
  • Admin Dashboard to show recent members, threads
  • Admin settings/layout to customize guild
  • Admin user page to kick members
  • Should have commented code
  • Should have been more consistent with commits


2 January, 2016

Tasks which were set last year:
  • tttt
  • iconshop
  • Guild Website
  • WordPress stuff
tttt was released early on in the year, iconshop was finished but never found a place on the site (it is now under 'Materials'), and the guild website project was finished yesterday. Didn't get to WordPress but learning WordPress isn't a priority.

Iconshop (not actually a shop)

Tasks for 2016
  • AngularJS Forum
  • Laravel Applicant Tracking System
  • tttt: Costume Quest, Starcraft, DotA

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