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Tintin Ticketing 2

29 June, 2018

Have a couple of projects at the moment

  • Tintin 2
  • Cocobox

Tintin 2 is a ticketing system again,
as I made Tintin 1 more for experimentation
of what an Object-oriented CodeIgniter would be like.

Tintin 2 is a cleaner CodeIgniter code base.

It also has a focus on keyboard shortcuts,
which has been fun to work with.

Here are some screenshots -

Cocobox is a game made up of SVGs, anime.js functions and AJAX calls.

It's a simple pet game where you feed you pet and collect currency for cosmetics.

Will post screenshots of it later.

Peopledex - C# WPF Application

3 June, 2018

Recent project is a C# application called Peopledex

It's a CRM but for personal use for people you know

C# always feels clean to work with, and Visual Studio is great with their code prediction/tooltips.

There was a challenge with saving images - having to switch between BitmapImage and System.Drawing.

Will probably make a small note page about that later.

koi-auth: authentication API

17 May, 2018

Most recent project was koi-auth, a service which is a user registration/authentication API. Currently running over at

Wrote it using Slim PHP.

Had a better time with it than Laravel, likely due to it being more lightweight.

It's very flexible with class management.

Still went with the MVC way for this though.

Haven't had much exposure to APIs, so this was a good project for that.

Did the basic AWS way of creating a signature, which is basically appending the API key to a hashed API secret + some other data (I chose just date).

The middleware that Slim allowed would then verify that signature for every request.

Here is a request made with Postman:


28 April, 2018

Finished churro, a service for blogging.

Recently have become interested in SaaS-type sites, building services which has multiple users on it. It is the second attempt, first being the simple screenshot logger toyscreen.

It was also an experiment to see what Object-Oriented Programming using CodeIgniter is like. Was pretty challenging considering you can't use "$this", because it's reserved to store the CI instance. CodeIgniter was created when OOP wasn't common in PHP at the time, so it wasn't too surprising.

Thinking of creating a "Labs" page where I can write down takeaways from each project I've done.

Here are two more screenshots from churro, the admin page and the landing page:


Bookmarks Page

16 April, 2018

Added a new page to the site;

a bookmarks page.

It's a collection of personal sites that I draw great inspiration and motivation from.

They're mostly inactive Japanese sites - these sites show great creativity in the way that they display their works.

Moving forward I'll try to link useful development tools from on that page too.

Visit bookmarks page

Job Board with C#

21 March, 2018

Tried writing a job board using C#

It uses ASP.NET MVC 5

It was an ok experience, the compile time was much less than Java's, 

and editing views are allowed without a recompile.

What proved difficult, as usual, were migrations.

Usually can't go a few days working with migrations without coming across an irreversible error which ends up requiring a reset of the database.

It is something I would want to work with again though


Task List with JavaFX

24 February, 2018

Recently finished a Java desktop application

It is a task list, written using JavaFX

Used JFoenix library for the aesthetics,

which is a library that applies Material styling

For the IDE I tried one of JetBrain's software for the first time - IntelliJ

Found it to be a reliable program, with useful code generation and suggestion/completion.

Together with SceneBuilder, writing this application was made to be pretty fun.



31 January, 2018

Happy 2018

January has been for Java

JavaFX specifically, which is the library for making desktop applications

Been pretty fun, nice to use a stricter language for a change

Plan to start soon on the Java web application

To see what making a website out of Java is like

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