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CodeIgniter 4

25 April, 2020

In February CodeIgniter came out with their largest update, CI4.

CodeIgniter 1, 2 and 3 all used the same programming concepts - the most obvious compared to others are that it uses a singleton and runs mostly on prodedural functions.

CodeIgniter 4 has basically moved away from that completely and uses the same OO approaches that Symfony and Laravel uses.

While it's understandable why CI would make this update, it's kind of a pity that a framework that's been doing something one way for 10+ years would change to just match everyone else. There doesn't seem to be a good reason for people to learn CI4 when they can learn Symfony and get the added benefit of it being more widely used.

In reality I'm just being bitter that a piece of technology I got too comfortable with changed. But such is working in technology.

React Native App

16 March, 2020

There are certain times in a year where a person may expose themselves to some self-harm

And I do this in the form of starting a React Native project

Every year when I give React a try,
I usually end up dropping it due to how community & official documentation is poor in terms of compatibility with the current version.
React flips the way they do everything quite often compared to other tools/frameworks.

Got the furthest with it this year, but don't believe documentation and online resources are any better.
It also doesn't help that they have added a new way to define components (hooks)

So I found that with this project - 
some libraries would use hooks, some classes, 
some documentation hooks, some classes, etc.
Ended up spending a decent amount of time just on syntax switching/rewriting.

Result is a todo list application with multiple lists.
Expo was great to work with, and is a generous product considering they build your application for free without you having to install the SDKs.
Working with hooks was also satisfying once it was understood.

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