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tttt Covers

14 December, 2014

Planning to start a new monthly activity

Gathering a small collection of screenshots, drawings and scripts and presenting them in a e-magazine style.

The home page of the magazines; named 'tttt' for now.

Covers are drag-and-droppable and come to the front when moved.

Supposed to be like going through a stack of magazines.


22 October, 2014

Moved to another country

Low ping on all game servers

Been playing TERA and Archeage

Plan to get into the habit of updating tomacoin when I get my own computer

Ideas for now

  • A tiny e-magazine containing collages/random drawings
  • Getting iconshop up
  • Scrapping Hyperion
  • Starting new guild website manager with CodeIgniter
Don't know if I could start up web development as a hobby again
Might end up playing games all day

We will see

27 August, 2014

Not motivated because I'm sad
Sad because I'm not motivated

Hyperion III

19 August, 2014

Broke the cycle of self loathing from not being productive

Though I still haven't finished CSS

Remaining pages to style profile, blog post, standard page.

Hyperion II

11 July, 2014

Now that a design for it has been made on Fireworks I can start the website

Using Macromedia Dreamweaver

Reminds me of highschool

Screenshot because I like seeing progress

Going to take extra care on documentation to make it easier to set up user customizability later

Hyperion I

9 July, 2014

Creating a more general user-friendly CMS

Motivated by Enjin websites

Draft from yesterday:

Draft today:

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