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27 June, 2022


You can see outside the window now.


The software page has also been complete.

Progress is being made at a glacial pace but we will get there eventually.


There was no sleep to be had today, but the sunrise made the sky look like a Microsoft WordArt gradient -

Have a nice day.

Banana Bread

23 June, 2022

Hello World

Did some cleaning today of a dirty place I moved into

I had read a book on cleaning before, and it actually helped out.

It was called "Speed Cleaning".

My favorite tip from it is the use of razor blades.

The more risk you add to mundane activities, the more rewarding it feels.

Also this floor cleaning has been absolutely satisfying it's been taking my attention away from work

Good day


28 February, 2022

Frameworks get flipped on their head every major version, where not even Hello World code under the same framework can be recognized any longer

New frameworks release and are worshipped in cycles as short as those where existing and widely-adopted become condemned

float-none is float:none, but font-weight: bold is font-bold, and position: absolute is absolute

Attributes are now vaguely hijacked with shared prefixes for both server side and client side code[1]

A project rewrite is planned every so often to keep up with it all, each doormat of a developer being shaken by the whiplash to follow


[1] - e.g. Server-side Blade's component x- vs. Client-side AlpineJS's x-

And after all this loss of consistency, stability, sanity - products are as heavy, cryptic, and unusable as ever.

What is the end goal here?
Is this all revenge on the antagonized general populace for the meek and frail developers who feel some form of justice served for their childhood suffering?
Do we hate going home this much?
Is the quantity of retweets and followers so important?

Unity 3D Game

1 February, 2022

Global Game Jam was on last weekend, and I teamed up with a 3D artist/animator to work on a game.
Since I finally decided to drop Godot, I was able to use Unity here.
It would have been one of my first attempts at a real 3D game, with lighting and animation controllers and whatnot.
Despite game jams usually generating feelings of great regret and inadequacy, I enjoyed this one.
I had forgotten how nice it was to work with a real programming language (C# vs. GDScript) again - coroutines and NavMeshes were great to work with here.

I would link the repository but the project is now over 2GB due to leaving the lighting in the oven for too long, or something of the sort.

Here is a GIF, though

Browser Pet Game IV

1 January, 2022

Got the browser pet game to a proof-of-concept stage, which is the stage I'm happy with it staying for now.

Screenshots below:

After having finished this little project, which was made with CodeIgniter and Godot, I have been leaning more towards switching back to Unity, and getting more into Laravel. Unity has the added benefit of being able to use C# which is more enjoyable for me. The desire to get more into Laravel simply is a social media pressure one, though I understand how Laravel does have more modern built-in features.

I'm very hungry

Have a nice night

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