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Happy Souls

16 June, 2017

Recently got all achievements on Dark Souls

It's a game everyone should try playing

The atmosphere, subtle storyline and interactions with NPCs and other players make this game great


My next project will be a community forum where you need a special code to sign up and view the website

I've always been fond of that idea after watching Durarara

It will be made on Laravel on Linux

I'm basically postponing making a whole website out of javascript as long as possible

None of AngularJS, ReactJS or VueJS seem appealing

Stop Changing Your Mind

15 May, 2017

Made a pie graph about how I spend my time in regards to my website

It's painful to never be satisfied with anything you do
in a funny way

Forcing myself to stick with the following layout now -

I like old website feelings and like a two column layout so that's how I ended up here
For someone who likes minimalism I'm not very good at it

But I think I should be ok this time

It's a template I've seen some photographers and graphic designers use, as well as some old websites.

My favorite use of it was here -
She recently celebrated 10 years of the site/her works

Won't lie, it was very tempting to use HTML frames
I don't think I'll ever be able to land another job as a web developer if I do that though


Another Layout

6 May, 2017

So I wasn't happy with my new layout afterall

It doesn't feel like a personal site.

It may be responsive and modern and all that,
but if it doesn't look like something that represents me
(Maybe I'm not responsive or modern?)

The upcoming layout will look much like my previous layout
The colors are the same, and the bitmappy feeling will be back

In my head I was going for the satisfying 'clicky' feeling
like the Walkmans

The last two images are the final versions for the home page and standard page.

Tintin IV

30 April, 2017

I like to think I'm done with Tintin now.

There are extra features which could be added in of course,
but with the little time I spend on these things
if I spend too many days on one project
interest and motivation starts to run thin

Release version feature list:
  • Create tickets and change their status as you work on the task
  • Advanced Report/Search
  • Custom categories
  • Custom statuses
  • Custom roles
  • Custom CSS
  • Quick-update of tickets

Tintin III

15 April, 2017

Decided to mix things up and start working on the stying for a bit.
Styling changes are very obvious so it feels like a lot is getting done

Using a CSS preprocessor for the first time - Sass (SCSS) is used for Tintin.
Never had much interest in it because I dislike having a "build process" for websites.
So far I don't believe it has enough features to justify adding a process to development.

Tintin II

30 March, 2017

Still focused on Tintin, PHP ticketing system

Something goofy about making tickets for a ticketing system as you are building said ticketing system

Did find myself getting demotivated at smaller tasks like setting up forgot password and form validations - something Laravel/use of Composer would be much better with

Looking to finish this by end of April

Major tasks left

  • Styling
  • View/Edit/Delete permissions
  • System settings (default status, custom styling)

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

9 March, 2017

Finished the third Elder Scrolls game, Morrowind

It was great getting to know more about the lore that I had first come across in Skyrim
Meeting the last Dwemer,

Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

8 March, 2017

Played Daggerfall, the second Elder Scrolls game

Perhaps it was me being too used to Arena but
I did not enjoy this game as much

Maps were very buggy
You would often find yourself dying
because you got flicked out of a wall into the void

For a game which has a main quest
it was also quite unforgiving
With time limits
where you can permanently fail quests
Quest requirements
which feel almost impossible to know without looking up

I did pick warrior again
but quickly found out that you would be better off as a mage
as a warrior you are one-shot by enemy mages for your low Willpower
Teleport also saves half your game time
I made a spellsword.

What I enjoyed:
  • Custom classes
  • Story lines with varied characters
  • Different game endings
  • King of Worms sense of humor
What I did not
  • Procedurally made dungeons
  • Buggy pathing
  • Unforgiving time bomb quests
  • Getting arrested for even thinking about resting in a town
Overall the game felt clunky
King of Worms really made the game though

Tomual CSS

30 January, 2017

Wow that was close,
Almost went a couple months without changing the website's appearance.

Found the large text and trendy spacing to be too 2-dimensional
Don't really know what I mean by that, just thought it didn't feel like my website
As I often like more compact, smaller websites.

So it was changed to better reflect myself

Tintin Ticketing System

28 January, 2017

Been working on a ticketing system

The usual PHP CodeIgniter way

What I'm looking to learn from this project is SCSS
With Bootstrap

Planned feature list
  • Multiple users, user roles
  • Custom statuses, categories
  • Custom fields
  • Reports & Exporting

Elder Scrolls I: Arena

22 January, 2017

Played Arena recently
Seeing if I can go through ES I - V this year
Finished Arena in about 30 hours

Was interesting to visit an old PC game
The controls, sprites,
lack of hand-holding that you see in modern games

You're an ex-prisoner out to save the world
by collecting 8 staff pieces

Tamriel is procedurally generated
(It took me 20 minutes to realize that after trying to walk to the next town)
Quest dungeons are hand made though

What I enjoyed
  • Straightforward stats system
  • Clear objectives
  • Leveling is just through experience points
  • Enchanted items having stats
  • Passwall - though I didn't use this until the last quest
  • Not buggy

What I did not
  • Procedurally generated towns - felt too big, monotonous
  • Dungeons pretty big - the follow-west-wall strat works though
I always pick warrior as it is almost always the safe choice
Being a magician would have been the best choice for Arena though
Regardless, after maxing AGI I was able to kill most things
Though end game bosses often were magic users
at which point my warrior was very vulnerable

The most memorable moment was
the last quest where you must get to an island
surrounded by a lake of lava
You are supposed to levitate through 
but I'm a warrior
so I swam through the lava chugging health potions

Here were my stats after I completed the main quest

Also put together a tttt issue for Arena, been a while since I did the last one
This one doesn't have any CSS or JS, just screenshots
Click on the link below to see it

Go to tttt

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