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Forum software in 4 days

24 June, 2019

Couple weeks ago, had the sudden urge to write a forum.

It was a dense, short blitz; the first time I had tried to write something and finish it as quickly as possible.

The forum was completed in 4 days. The features are:

  • User authentication
  • Image submission and approval process
  • Avatar/Image submissions with proper validation/limits
  • Forum: Topics, threads, replies
  • Hovering over quoted post number shows the original text in a box
  • Home page shows threads under topics ordered by last touched
  • Mobile friendly

Screenshot of home page as follows


Having CuteIgniter already made really helped with cutting out the work around authentication and form error handling/display.

Collection of web development tools

23 May, 2019

Some months ago I released a website which holds tools and references useful to website development

not some cats is a collection of websites categorized by their type (such as JS, Image) with screenshot previews and a short description of what the tool does.

It currently has 86 tools listed, and I hope to update it with more as time goes on.

There is a submission form for users to submit their own suggestions.


Visit site

Online Store with Stripe

5 March, 2019

Recently made an online store that uses the Stripe API.

Stripe's been very pleasant, the documentation is concise with useful examples and the data is easy to work with.


It was enjoyable learning about the working of what a shop might do, with topics like SKUs/Orders/Charges.

Current features:

  • Sync with Stripe products and SKUs
  • Display products listing
  • Products view with image gallery
  • Add product to cart
  • Full use of Stripe Orders and Charges
    • Order on Stripe will show "Paid" with entered shipping details

Some future features would be:

  • User authentication and user pages (Order History)
  • Product categories
  • Product search
  • Favorite product

Something I worked on over a couple of weeks

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